Turn Ons:

  • Intimacy. Hold my waist. Stroke my neck. Kiss my forehead. Hold my hand. 
  • Maturity. Patience is amazing. A prize will come to you when the time is right. Its called falling in love. Waiting is hard. But worth it. 
  • Honesty. I don’t care what you’ve done. I care about what you will do in the future. Be honest with me, I’ll be honest with you. 
  • Care. Because not many people give a crap about anything anymore.

"start ignoring people who threaten your joy.
literally, ignore them.
say nothing.
don’t invite any parts of them into your space."

Alex Elle  (via blacklonerism)

Lana Del Rey for Madame FigaroPhotograph by James White

The ARTPOP Ball tour in Atlantic City, NJ. 06.28.14
My little boy! He’s currently in the caring hands of my dear friend @scarystace666 . Falling deeper in love with that little face each time i get sent new photos. Can’t wait to spoil this little one!

#kitten #furbaby #heneedsaname

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